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Getting Your Kids Practicing Proper Oral Health

December 18th, 2017 |
Dr Himakshu Vyas

With their boundless energy, their love of all things sugary and sweet and their disposition to get in some pretty dangerous situations, maintaining proper oral health is all-the-more important. Children are much less inclined to waste their time on activities that they can’t see the benefit of, which is why it’s even more important to get your children seeing the plus side of flossing, blushing and keeping those pearly whites in great condition. So how do we get stubborn children brushing? Here are our tips for getting your children regula [...]

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A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry: What Treatment is Right for Me?

November 18th, 2017 |
Dr Himakshu Vyas

Cosmetic dentistry has quickly become a popular option for patients looking to give their smile an upgrade. Many patients feel unhappy with their smile, hiding it in photos, avoiding outward, open laughter. Many are afraid that their teeth are too yellow, too crooked or have unwanted chips and cracks, which is why certain treatments have been created to help them with their features. There are so many procedures to choose from now, with each treatment offering its own costs, specifications and finish. So, if you are interested in changing your [...]

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5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Veneers

October 18th, 2017 |
Dr Himakshu Vyas

Dental veneers are a procedure that involves bonding a thin porcelain layer onto a tooth. The substance mimics the appearance, colour and shape of teeth, and usually is given to those who are unhappy with their natural tooth shape, whether that be gaps, yellowing or smaller shaped. The great thing about dental veneers is that you can continue eating the same foods as you normally would, without them changing colour. Veneers are a long-lasting fix for those looking for straighter, whiter teeth. However, they do need to be taken care of. To ensur [...]

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Fairfield Central Shopping Centre, T29, 2-30 Lakeside Drive, Idalia, 4811

Shop-3, 15-23 Kokoda Street, Idalia, 4811.

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