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Wisdom Tooth Removal Townsville

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last molars in your jaw which come out through the gums. They arise when people are in their late teens, twenties, or even older. Generally, people may have up to have four wisdom teeth.

Some people do not have any wisdom teeth at all. Often there is a little empty space found at the back of the jaws which lead the wisdom tooth to come out easily through the gums. However, if the jaw does not have adequate space for the wisdom tooth to come through, the new tooth will become wedged or even “impacted”. The Townsville Dentist has extensive experience in the diagnosing and treatment of impacted wisdom teeth, so start a conversation with us to find out how we can assist you.


The importance of having your teeth examined

Sometimes an impacted wisdom tooth remains buried and cause no trouble in the jaw. However, other impacted wisdom teeth may cause severe problems. If your wisdom teeth are starting to cause you problems, then they must be removed.

Generally, your trusted dentist may recommend removal of your wisdom teeth where one or several are causing problems such as severe pain in your jaw. Fortunately this is a common and simple operation that can be performed quickly with minimal downtime.


Providing a comprehensive care regime

Wisdom tooth removal and troublesome tooth extraction should be performed as soon as possible before the problems get worse. Here at The Townsville Dental Centre, we do this with the use of advance Sedation Dentistry  for painless treatment. You do not have put up with your wisdom tooth if it is causing you a great deal of misery.

It would be much wiser for you to visit us at The Townsville Dental Centre for careful Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Townsville. Set an appointment with us today and experience quality dental care that will truly make you smile. Contact us by calling our office on 07 4729 0241 and chat directly to our team, or have your enquiries answered by sending us a message via our contact page.


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Fairfield Central Shopping Centre, T29, 2-30 Lakeside Drive, Idalia, 4811

Shop-3, 15-23 Kokoda Street, Idalia, 4811.

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