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Bad Breath Treatment


Do you suspect that you may have bad breath?
It’s really nothing to be ashamed about.

Have you suffered from bad breath or suspect that you may have bad breath? It’s really nothing to be ashamed about. At some point, most of the people experience bad breath in their lives, and 30% of the total populations suffer from halitosis or even chronic bad breath. At the Townsville Dental Centre, we specialize in the treatment and cure of bad breath or halitosis.

We understand that bad breath is an awkward and sensitive thing for most people who are suffering from this redundant problem, and for this reason, we treat it with utmost care and sensitivity. We offer a very tactful approach, with the aim of catering for your comfort and needs.

At the Townsville Dental Centre, our success rate for bad breath cases is exceedingly high and we are confident that we can help you get rid of your bad breath and in the process you will regain your confidence and self- esteem back.

Possible causes of bad breath

Nearly 90 percent of the vast majority of bad breath cases are caused by gum disease or periodontal disease. Buildup of bacteria under the gum line along the gum tissue cause Gum disease; this buildup bacteria emit the gases that are most often the cause of bad breath. At the Townsville Dental Centre, we are efficiently capable of providing bad breath or halitosis treatment because we are proficient in the treatment of gum disease. If you are wondering who you can provide you the best solution, the solution is actually quite simple – WE.

During an initial consultation with us, we diagnose your whole oral health and assess the exact reason for your halitosis. Though most of the causes of bad breath are caused by periodontal disease or gingivitis, but not all cases. The exact cause of your bad breath will allow us to treat it more effectively and provide you with the knowledge and suggestions so that you can prevent it being repeated in the future.


Other causes of bad breath include:

  • Respiratory tract infections – Infection in lungs, throat and sinus.
  • Poorly designed, leaking and cracked dental fillings.
  • Poor dental hygiene – Improper brushing, flossing and cleaning of dentures can leave food particles stick to teeth and cause tooth decay inside the mouth.
  • Improper implants – Ill-fitting dental bridges, crowns, dentures and dental restorations.
  • External agents – Moderate intake of items like onions, garlic, coffee, smoking cigarette or cigars and chewing tobacco cause bad breath.

Don’t suffer any longer because our friendly dentists are here to cure you. The treatment is available at the Townsville Dental Centre for your temporary bad breath or chronic halitosis, which prevails negative impacts on your life.

We are having highly skilled and dedicated staff to provide all of our patients with a welcoming and relaxed environment – with the utilization of the innovative technology that is NuCalm™, known as non-sedative calming system to alleviate patient anxiety and put them at ease upon their initial arrival.

Treatment of Bad Breath

At the Townsville Dental Centre, we employ simple, yet effective treatment for bad breath and halitosis. The primary cause of bad breath is periodontal or gum disease, which can be handled by our professional range of non-surgical or laser treatment easily and eliminate the source of halitosis. We can also provide surgery treatment if necessary.

Commonly used treatment for bad breath or halitosis utilized in our dental centre includes:

Scaling and Root Planing

It is a non-surgical treatment which includes deep and comprehensive cleaning of the root surfaces of the tooth. Build-up of bacteria and plaque are removed from beneath the gum line (area where plaque and calculus formulates at deeper periodontal pockets) so that tooth root becomes smooth and eliminate toxins. This is the simple and quick procedure which is often used to eliminate the source of bad breath and meet all needs of our patient. Scaling and root planing is also referred to as deep cleaning.

Gum Surgery

Surgery is needed in severe cases of periodontitis or gum disease. However, if gum disease becomes severe, then it will probably be addressed far from simply bad breath, as it can cause abscesses, pain, bleeding, and even tooth loss.

The most popular type of periodontal surgery is Flap surgery. During this process, the tissue of gum makes pulling back into a dither, providing easy access to the periodontal pockets. Then the buildup of Tartar is being removed and the periodontal pockets have thoroughly got cleaned. After that, the gums are sutured back into its original position so that it can be fit snugly around the root of the tooth.

In most of the cases, a patient’s needs can be met through non-invasive periodontal treatment. However, after evaluating your oral health, examine your symptoms and eliminating the major source of your bad breath, our team will determine which is the best suited treatment for bad breath.

No Longer suffering from bad breath or halitosis– The result proven treatment is available at the Townsville Dental Centre. We understand the embarrassment and negative impacts that bad breath causes in one’s life, our team of highly skilled dental professionals can help you to reclaim your confidence and quality of life.smile.



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Fairfield Central Shopping Centre, T29, 2-30 Lakeside Drive, Idalia, 4811

Shop-3, 15-23 Kokoda Street, Idalia, 4811.

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