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How Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Wellbeing

August 20th, 2019|

There are many benefits to having good dental hygiene: prevents bad breath and diseases, enhances your social interaction, and promotes self-esteem, as well as wellbeing.

Many dentists and doctors say that the mouth is the window to the rest of the body. This is because your oral health can help determine the health of your body overall. Your mouth can show indicators/symptoms of other diseases that are being harboured in your body, and the saliva is often used to test for the presence of other compounds like alcohol, nicotine, hormones, etc.

There are different conditions that can develop or become exacerbated because of a lack of care with your dental hygiene.

Cardiovascular issues

Research has found that there is a connection between poor oral health and heart diseases like endocarditis (infection in the inner linings of heart chambers and heart valves). Endocarditis occurs when infection from an infected tooth or inflamed gums spreads to the heart lining through the bloodstream. Research also shows an increase in risk for clogged arteries and strokes due to the bacteria exposure from poor oral hygiene.


Irregular blood glucose levels promote a higher risk of tooth problems and gum disease. And these inflammations make it harder to control your blood sugar and make diabetes symptoms worse. This is because those with diabetes tend to have reduced healing capabilities and a lower resistance to infections.

Stomach issues

What many people don’t realise is chewing food properly can go a long way in ensuring better stomach health. Proper chewing reduces the risk of bacterial overgrowth in the stomach that causes indigestion, bloating, or constipation. It helps food move through the digestive tract and relaxes the lower stomach — all of which reduces the risk for complications during the digestive process. Chewing also helps the body absorb more nutrients.

Keeping teeth and gums healthy so you can properly chew your food is vital for the health of your digestive system and stomach. The recommended chewing times is 5-10 chews for soft food and 30-50 times for dense food.


Pregnant individuals have a higher risk of contracting an oral infection. These individuals are at a higher risk of sensitive teeth and swollen/tender gums, making them more susceptible to gum disease and dry mouth. Similar to how we take extra precautions in the winter as there’s a higher likelihood of catching a flu, pregnant individuals need to take extra care of their oral hygiene and check in with a dentist to ensure everything is ok.

Maintaining your oral health

Your mouth is one of the best ways to check in on how the rest of your body is doing. However, it is vital that you maintain regular and good oral hygiene practices to avoid unnecessary infections. Some simple things you can do to practice good oral hygiene are:

  • Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day for at least 2-3 minutes
  • Floss at least once a day, as it helps remove plaque from hard to reach places
  • Rinse your mouth, and keep yourself hydrated
  • Eat a balanced diet, as it helps reduce sugar content

Schedule regular dentist appointments

It’s important that you always go for a dentist check-up every six months, if not more. Your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, so you need to be sure that it is in good shape. Always remember to attend to any dental needs promptly and not dwell too long as it can escalate into something more infectious.

At The Townsville Dentist, we guide our patients towards a lifetime of good oral health. With a safe, warm, and welcoming environment, we’ll make your dentist visit as comfortable as possible. So call us today to take a better step towards better wellbeing.

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Fairfield Central Shopping Centre, T29, 2-30 Lakeside Drive, Idalia, 4811

Shop-3, 15-23 Kokoda Street, Idalia, 4811.

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