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August 20th, 2016|
Dr Himakshu Vyas

We’ve all experienced this case scenario at some point. Whether it’s at the office, during our high school years, or at the coffee shop adjacent to where we work, there’s always that one person with a to-die-for killer, smile. They’re the ones who always get away with anything; that new promotion you bent over backwards for? It disappears instantly once they flash their ‘magical teeth’ to the boss.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, human beings are very visual. Moreover, it’s a statistical fact that 80% of attraction is determine by physical attributes; your height, figure, eyes, and definitely the smile. From overall health, through to nailing that first impression, your smile will always play an important role in your life. That’s why it’s momentous to regularly visit your dentist.

But what do regular checkups do for me?

So you’re trying to figure out why the dentist visit is so important. Can’t you just stay at home and brush your teeth? Well, if it were that simple, then there wouldn’t be thousands of oral procedures being performed across the globe on a daily basis. Generally, we brush only twice a day (others only once), rarely take the time floss, and let our sweet tooth take control of us. In fact, a dentist will check for things you rarely see or think of—like the formation of tooth cavities in the early stages, or the buildup of plaque on your teeth which eventually lead to tartar. If left unattended, then the affliction of oral diseases will follow.

Sadly, tartar can’t be removed easily at the comfort of your home. No brushing or flossing is sufficient enough to get it off. The only procedure is through scaling and where can you get it done? You guessed right, at the dentist’s office.

So the next time you’re thinking how much of a nightmare it is to give an oral professional a visit, just remember how James or Sally got that promotion. Besides, will it hurt to have a brighter, healthier smile? And you get all the extra perks of gum disease prevention, and not having to worry about bad breath once the ‘doc’ gives you the heads up that everything is awesome with your oral health.


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Fairfield Central Shopping Centre, T29, 2-30 Lakeside Drive, Idalia, 4811

Shop-3, 15-23 Kokoda Street, Idalia, 4811.

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